Kid Cudi and Carey Mulligan Explain Flutes on “SNL”


Over the years, a number of beloved hip-hop songs have made memorable use of a flute riff. What is the secret of this particular recipe for musical success? On this week Saturday Night Live, cast members Chris Redd and Pete Davidson were joined by musical guest Kid Cudi and host Carey Mulligan – along with another guest (and former host of the show) whose appearance was a delight. unexpected.

The song featured in the sketch is both a consignment of hip-hop songs using flute samples and a pretty solid example of the form. (As I type this, I’m literally unable to get the sound of the flute riff out of my head. It’s an earworm.) video Also features a few nods to songs that have memorable used flutes in the past, including “Sure Shot” by the Beastie Boys.

Although it is a weird little flute, this sketch contains a great deal of weird little moments, including Redd using flutes to eat ramen and Kid Cudi in Gryffindor outfit. It is a complicit parody which is perfectly catchy in itself; it’s not a bad way to spend three and a half minutes.

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