Is Majora’s Mask better or worse than Ocarina Of Time?

It’s safe to say that most entries in The Legend of Zelda franchise are iconic to the gaming world, but none can truly embody that moniker like Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of time. For many gamers, these games represent their entry into the series; for those who grew up with the original games, it marked the move to 3D worlds and bigger adventures. Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of timewhile featuring the same version of Link, tell very different stories with very different gameplay mechanics that won’t appeal to all players.

Ocarina of time was the first of two games, in which a young Link is granted the power over time and uses it to defeat Ganondorf and his different, more primitive Ganon form. This game plays like a standard action-adventure in that it advances chronologically, balances exploration with combat, and challenges the player to know where they are going and where they have been. Corn Ocarina of time tells a lighter story than its successor, it is arguably the most pivotal story of the entire series as it marks the split in the franchise’s timeline.


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Majora’s Mask is a very different and quite experimental experience compared to the games that came before it. Its story is much darker, and the art direction of Terminus’ world is often confusing and surreal. With MajoraMask of offering such a different experience overall and praising the Zelda community, is it a better game than Ocarina of time?

What makes Ocarina Of Time the best Zelda game?

Decide if Majora’s Mask Where Ocarina of time is better or worse than the other is no small feat, since this type of decision is entirely subjective. In order to make a strong case for either side, both games need to be broken down into what makes them more appealing to different types of players. Since this is the basis on which Majora’s Mask is built, it is best to start by looking Ocarina of time.

As mentioned earlier, this entry marked the series’ move from 2D to 3D and laid the foundation for modern action-adventure games. Ocarina of time gave players a dynamic, semi-open world to explore, multiple NPCs to talk to, side quests to complete, and a camera and combat system that is still used today. The combination of these elements makes Ocarina of time a new experience for players in 1998, making it the perfect game for newcomers to action-adventure.

While many gamers these days are used to things like breath of the wildThe open world is still unmatched, there are still new players who are not used to this kind of world and find its level of expansion daunting. Since Ocarina of time was one of the first to explore the idea of ​​a 3D open world, it needed to address the same problem. Nintendo’s solution was to create a long and forgiving opening level to make it easier for players to travel.

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Ocarina of timeThe opening level of allows the player to take control of the child Link and explore the Kokiri Forest for as long as they wish. Giving the player unrestricted freedom and peace to learn is crucial to their future enjoyment and desire to take on new challenges. Later entries like breath of the wild choose to just throw the player into the thick of it and while some find this approach to difficulty ingenious, other players may find it too intimidating and take them away from what is otherwise a wonderful experience.

As players become more confident, the game increases the challenge by adding elements such as the concept of time and time manipulation. The titular ocarina is an essential part of Link’s arsenal that gives him control over things like weather and the weather in order to solve puzzles or acquire the things he needs to defeat Ganondorf. Its tightness of pace, its tolerance for the player, and its innovative story and design are some of the factors that make Ocarina of time one of the best entries in the series – but does that make it better than Majora’s Mask?

What makes Majora’s Mask the best Zelda game?

Majora’s Mask chooses to take the exact opposite approach and immerses players in a darker and more complex world. This obscurity and ambiguity allow theories like Majora’s Mask representing the 5 stages of mourning to be generated and analyzed 22 years later. While Ocarina of time anchored as the point of junction and fracture of the continuity of the series, Majora’s Mask anchored itself as the most mysterious and ominous point in the timeline.

Majora’s Mask opens with Link and Epona walking aimlessly through the Lost Woods, exhausted from their time travel, only to be encountered by the Skull Kid and the titular Majora’s Mask. The result of this encounter is Link’s descent into Termina, a seemingly separate realm from Hyrule that’s stuck in unnerving purgatory. After Link receives a brief introduction to the concept of masks, he steps out of the subway to be met by the horrifying face of the moon and the revelation that he will crash into Termina in three days.

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From there, the story and gameplay revolve around Link’s ocarina and masks. Masks were introduced in Ocarina of timebut comparing them to the masks of Majora’s Mask it’s like comparing day and night. The masks in Majora’s Mask, unlike its predecessor, alters Link’s body and abilities, allowing him to embody beings like a Zora or Goron in order to defeat certain enemies and obstacles. This mechanic set the bar for player creativity and continues to inspire players to experiment with masks and how they can affect Termina.

contrary to Ocarina of timethe titular instrument is now stressful for the player due to the three-day deadline imposed on them. Majora’s Mask is a genre-defining time-loop game where Link must constantly reset the three-day counter, which can create or fix disappointing side quests and main objectives. This can make things difficult as the rewind time can often interfere with the progress of a particular objective and takes some getting used to. When adjusted, however, the sense of accomplishment after completing dungeons and quests is amplified by also overcoming the game’s time limit.

Ultimately, the decision of whether Majora’s Mask is better or worse than Ocarina of time is in the hands of the player. Ocarina of time presents a more forgiving, story-driven experience that’s perfect for new players or those looking for pure adventure. On the contrary, Majora’s Mask offers a more challenging and gameplay-focused experience perfect for The Legend of Zelda‘s more experienced players or those looking for a challenge.

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