Iranian musical instrument listed as intangible world heritage


The Persian musical instrument “Dutar” has been inscribed on the Intangible World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The decision was taken at 14e Meeting of the UNESCO Intangible Heritage Committee where the skill of making and playing the Iranian Dutar was discussed. This brings to 14 the number of Iranian objects inscribed on the World List of Intangible Heritage.

“The Iranian dutar is one of the most important and oldest Iranian musical instruments,” said Mohammad Hassan Talebian, Iran’s senior official for cultural heritage affairs.

“Dutar has been played over much of Iran for centuries,” he added. “Now it is considered one of the contemporary musical instruments of Iran. “

“The worldwide registration of the Dutar aims to [promoting] friendship, peace and a greater respect for cultural diversity and human innovations as well as for those who keep alive the tradition of playing and doing Iranian Dutar among different ethnic groups, ”he added.

The Dutar is a traditional long neck, two-stringed lute found in local communities in both rural and urban areas of Iran. Musicians usually play Dutar with their fingernails. The history of Dutar goes back thousands of years.

Iranian musical instrument Dutar listed as intangible world heritage

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