How to save Ocarina of Time with Switch Online Save States

The Nintendo 64 Zelda: Ocarina of Time emulator for Nintendo Switch Online features the use of ellipsis instead of traditional saving.

Recently Added Nintendo Switch Online The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to the list of available Nintendo 64 games that can be emulated, and using save states is a great alternative to traditional game saving. The save option from the game menu is also available, but much less convenient than using save states or ellipses. Save states are created using the Suspend menu during playback Ocarina of time.

Ellipses are files that record the exact moment players create them. Instead of backtracking through dungeons Ocarina of time or by pausing the game for hours to avoid losing progress, ellipsis can be created. Save states are separate for each game, so players can have multiple ellipses in Ocarina of time without losing slots for other N64 titles. Nintendo Switch Online offers players four locations to create ellipses in Ocarina of time.


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The Suspend menu for Nintendo Switch Online games is very easy to navigate and use. Whereas Ocarina of time is running, the minus button will open the Suspend menu. The third option that says “Create an ellipsis” will open up all four slots available to save the game. When the ellipsis is created, it saves Ocarina of time at the place and at the time of creation of the file. The Suspend menu is also where players can load any save state by clicking the “Load Suspend” option.

Using ellipsis in Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

How to save Ocarina of Time with Switch Online Save States Suspend Menu

Traditionally in Ocarina of time, saving and quitting a game meant starting at a specific spawn point when reloading. Young Link usually started in the tree house where he woke up at the start of the game, and Adult Link started in the Temple of Time. If players saved in a dungeon, they would start outside of that dungeon the next time they loaded the game. This was sometimes frustrating, especially with more difficult or confusing dungeons like Shadow Temple and Water Temple in Ocarina of time. Using ellipses eliminates this frustration.

Instead of rewinding, players can create an ellipsis in the middle of a dungeon and pick up where they left off. Suspend points can be created at any time in the game, and players can go back without losing any progress as they would with traditional saving in Ocarina of time. With four slots available, players can also create secondary suspend points before a tough fight to reload if they lose instead of starting over with just three hearts.

Have the ability to stop in the middle of a dungeon in Ocarina of time makes the game much more enjoyable. However, players also need to be careful with the organization of their ellipsis. If all four dots are used and players overwrite the wrong ellipsis, data cannot be recovered. Additionally, if an ellipsis is loaded that predates the in-game save, it will delete progress made after the ellipsis. It is recommended that players use only one save method to avoid this issue. Ocarina of time is one of many new games recently added to Nintendo Switch Online that features the use of ellipses.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is available on Nintendo Switch Online.

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