Hong Kong authorities expose cyberbullies against flute-playing students in music video

Hong Kong authorities have slammed negative comments against the latest National Day-themed music video, which features some students playing the flute with masks on.It comes as the Office of Education invited more than 400 elementary and middle school students to participate in the music video for “少年中國說” with the national holiday approaching on October 1st.

However, the video sparked heated discussions as some netizens asked on local forums such as LIHKG why some students featured in the video are playing the flute with specially designed masks, a verification by INTERACTIVE-MARKETING seen. Social monitoring company Tocanan recorded a total of 1,370 mentions of the incident in the past few days, with 38% negative sentiments and 9% positive sentiments.

According to the press release, the Office of Education said it regrets that some people have made inappropriate comments online, overlooking the need for students to wear professional performance masks to protect themselves during the outbreak. Filmed in late August 2022, all students involved in the music video must wear masks to protect their health and safety, the office said. “The masks worn by students playing the flute are dedicated to wind instruments and are also used in other countries,” he added.

“The abusive and offensive words to intimidate enthusiastic students have gone beyond the moral bottom line of society. The choice of words and the intention behind their speech have absolutely nothing to do with freedom of expression. This type of cyberbullying against young students is truly disgusting, and the office strongly condemns it,” the statement added.

The office reiterates that cyberbullying in any form will never be allowed to harm the minds and bodies of students, and hopes that affected parties understand the seriousness of cyberbullying and immediately stop associated behaviors. The Office of Education reserves the right to investigate.The statement also said that disregarding the feelings of others, committing offensive behavior online, damaging the reputation of young students, or even experiencing psychological pressure and negative emotions, should not be encouraged.

The office hopes that all sectors of the community will rise up to protect young students and condemn such cyberbullying to prevent further harassment of students. The office will continue to use various channels to encourage young people to adopt positive values ​​and attitudes, cultivate family and national feelings and national identity, and keep improving.

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