According to current surveys, financial literacy of Czechs has not improved much since 2006. People do not read contracts for financial products, solve their debts and create financial reserves. Over 3 million of them still have at least one loan.

The Good Finance Navigator teamed up with actress and presenter Milah Panski to create four videos. Panski in the role of Joel in them humorously but very aptly describes the pitfalls of life with a loan.

Do not entrust repayment problems to a friend


In the first video, Blonde described how she got into a debt spiral. Now she confessed that she has no installments and does not know what to do with it. She confided in a friend who advised her to go to her creditor.
But the blonde decided she wouldn’t do that because she was watching TV and knew she would send an “excursion” to her. So he would rather go to his manicurist, who did the nails of the first lady, so she would know what to do.


We can only hope that the manicurist will advise Joel as much as her friend. Only with timely solutions directly with the creditor can prevent major problems. In addition, she can be 100% sure that if she is actively resolved with a secure creditor, no one will execute the execution.

The sooner you start solving problems, the better

The sooner you start solving problems, the better

The stupid blonde in the video believed the widespread myth that credit firms prefer defaulters because they could charge large fees. For safe lenders, however, it is exactly the opposite, and therefore borrowers prefer to adjust the repayment schedule rather than lose money.

So, once there are problems, follow the 3 basic rules:

  • Go to the lender as soon as possible and work together to find a solution.
  • Think carefully about the solution that works best for you.
  • Never solve the situation with another loan!

The Good Finance Navigator helps you navigate the loan market


The Good Finance Navigator is a project of Charles University. Its main goal is to map and describe the loan market and offer all interested parties information about safe creditors while describing the unfair practices of the dishonest ones. The aim of the Blonde Blond campaign is to make consumers think in a funny way about the problems they might encounter in connection with the loan. Joel’s sketches spread mainly on YouTube and social networking sites, targeting young people who are not yet well versed in financial issues.

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