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John Zeretzke pleads guilty: in the photo,
John Zeretzke pleads guilty
John Zeretzke pleads guilty: In the photo, the founder of Flutes Across the World and some of his unwitting students.

John Zeretzke pleads guilty: the musical director and teacher of Flutes around the world admits to contaminating children’s fluids with his own semen fluid.

A California Music teacher accused of giving elementary school students wind instruments with his semen inside on Wednesday agreed to plead guilty to state and federal sex crime charges, authorities say .

John Edward Zeretzke, 61, of Ventura, Orange County, will argue in relation to one federal count of producing child pornography and several state charges of obscene acts with a minor under the age of 14, Mercury News reports.

Zeretzke is the founder of Flutes around the world, a non-profit organization that teaches students how to make their own flutes. It should be noted that the entity was founded in 2009.

The award-winning former musician and composer has agreed to plead guilty to charges involving minors dating back to 2015.

In one case in November 2015, according to court records, Zeretzke sent a 15-year-old girl he met on Facebook more than 40 explicit photos of himself.

Calculated exploitation of its unwitting victims

In August 2017, Zeretzke then visited the Philippines – where Flutes Across the World held a musical mission – to have sex with a minor, according to court documents.

Zeretzke in March 2019 was indicted by a grand jury for allegedly distributing flutes filled with his own sperm to five girls from two separate elementary schools in Orange and Los Angeles County, according to court documents.

But there is more.

The educator is accused of having then took pictures of the girls using the flutes. Court records show that the alleged violations occurred between January and April 2017.

Are there other victims?

As part of the plea deal, the Central District of California agreed to dismiss all but one federal count. overdue reports. These dismissed charges can still be considered when Zeretzke is convicted.

Public Defender of Zeretzke, Julia Brett Deixler declined a media request for comment.

Yet one must necessarily understand why the Music Director abused the trust, authority and power of his position, preying on his unconscious underage students.

Not clear – given Zeretzke’s creation of his musical entity in 2009, the number of times the music teacher was able to ‘infect’ his victims, who to date may never have realized they were victims…

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