Fife Cultural Trust launches musical instrument lending library in Lochgelly

OnFife hopes to peak with a new project in Lochgelly that aims to open up the world of music to more Fifers.

The Cultural Trust is looking to launch a musical instrument lending library this spring and has appealed for donations of unused or unwanted instruments.

The new service, which will be based at the Lochgelly Centre, will allow anyone wishing to try out an instrument to do so without the cost of purchase.

“This is a really exciting project and the partners we work with including St Andrews Music Participation, Tinderbox and the Music Education Partnership Group have shared their passion and expertise so we can make some noise with this new service,” said Karen Taylor, creative instigator at OnFife.

“But to really hit a high mark, we’d like people to get involved by donating instruments that are no longer in use or wanted and know they’re going to be put to good use.”

All donated instruments will be cleaned and repaired if necessary before being available in the library.

A date is yet to be confirmed for the launch, but once it’s live, OnFife will also look to offer training videos, how-to sessions and workshops to make music as accessible to everyone as possible.

“Donating is easy – just take it to your local library,” Karen said. “It would also be great if you could leave your contact details so that we can thank you for your contribution.”

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