Each Ocarina of Time character reused for Majora’s mask


Majora’s Mask reuses quite a few characters from Ocarina of Time, given that this is a direct sequel. But how many characters are returning?

Majora’s Mask has always been a strange entry into THE Legend of Zelda franchise, because it is a direct continuation of Ocarina of time and thus reuse both the characters and their assets in the game. Ocarina. It also has arguably the darkest storyline of any Zelda game to date, requiring the player to relive the same three days over and over again to prevent Skull Kid from crashing into the moon in the world and destroying Termina.

Released in 2000, two years later Ocarina of time , Majora’s Mask shares more with its predecessor than the substantive tradition. In reality, Majora’s Mask reuses quite a few character models, most likely to help speed up development time between games. But there are plenty of beloved characters for any Zelda fan playing. Majora’s Mask for the first time to be on the lookout, especially if they have played Ocarina.

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Some appearances are more obvious than others, but one Reddit user who calls himself “blah________________” posted a fairly comprehensive article. listing of characters populating Termina and Hyrule across the two games. For the purposes of this article, each character listed has both the same name and the same character model, which excludes characters like Tatl, who use the same character models but are, technically, new and different characters for the world of Termina.

Biggoron and Medigoron

Biggoron Ocarina of Time

Unlike the aforementioned Reddit post, for the purposes of this article, entire races like Zora and Gorons will not count as reused characters since they are background characters with no traits or names defined in first place. However, there are members of Zelda’s Goron breed that appears in both Ocarina of time and Majoria mask, like Biggoron and his brother, Medigoron. These aren’t the only Gorons to appear in every game, however, and Link the Goron, who is named after the player character’s Link in Ocarina of time, made an appearance in Majora’s Mask also.

Dampé, Kotake and Koumé

Dampe dig a grave in front of Link and Navi

Another character that longtime fans of the Zelda series will immediately recognize is Dampé, the Graveyard Keeper, who players can interact with to find treasures like rubies and pieces of heart. Meanwhile, Ganondorf’s staunch minions, Kotake and Koume, also appear in both games, which is exciting for fans of the Zelda story as both are twin witches Gerudo who attempt to hinder Zelda’s plans. Link in Ocarina of time but decides to help her in time Majora’s Mask rolled.


Zelda Majora Granny

Granny, owner of the potions shop in Kakariko Village in Ocarina of time, is also in Majora’s Mask, although she doesn’t resume her role as a trader and instead serves as a storyteller who forces Link to constantly fall asleep until he can get a special mask to stay awake and finally be careful.

Brother Composers, Poe Sisters and more

Composer Zelda Ocarina

The deceased composers, known, of course, as the Brotherhood Composers, who served the Royal Family are also in both games, haunting various regions of Hyrule, much like the Four Poe Sisters, who also feature in Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask. Other than these characters, the only other reused models are for the Cursed Rich Man, who actually appears as a skull, and the Bean Vendor, who helps Link reach new areas in both games by selling him Magic Beans. .

Although this is every character (in model and name) of Ocarina of time which has been reused for Majora’s Mask, there are many reused models and designs, like Navi’s for Tatl and Tale, which were used to create entirely new characters specifically for Majora’s Mask.

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Source: blah ________________ / Reddit

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