Customers scream and throw champagne flutes in £1million town center restaurant brawl

Police have launched an investigation after a fight broke out at a swanky town center restaurant that is part of the Boujee empire of Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lystra Adams.

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Fight breaks out at Boujee bar in Manchester

Terrified customers tried to flee a newly opened £1million city center restaurant after a fight broke out.

CCTV footage shows champagne glasses flying across the chic room and women can be heard screaming.

It is understood a fight between a customer and a bouncer broke out at Real Housewives star Lystra Adams’ Boujee Bar and Restaurant last night after a man refused to follow Covid rules.

A number of women who witnessed the scuffle were shaken and upset by the incident, Manchester Evening News reports.

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Ritchie Bagnall, director of operations, said his staff were placed in an extremely difficult situation


Many of them said they had to remove shards of glass from their feet and legs and said they were told they couldn’t leave the restaurant until they paid.

Venue managers said the incident began after a patron “wanted to dance and sing, and was not happy to be told no”.

Police were called to the Bridge Street site around 7.30pm but no arrests were made.

Customers claim they had to remove shards of glass from their feet and legs

A woman, who asked to remain anonymous, was visiting the restaurant with a group of friends and witnessed the fight unfold.

“When we sat down we realized no one had drinks on their tables and a few people said they had waited two hours,” she said.

“There was a table at the back with two guys and two girls and when one of the tables took their drinks they clapped because we had all been waiting for ages.

“Another round of drinks came and then everyone started cheering to shed some light on the situation.

“The guys got up to applaud and I don’t know if it was because they were loud or because they were men, but instead of a manager coming the bouncers came instead.

“They were pointing and shouting and it was a bit over the top.”

The client said a conversation took place between a security staff member and one of the men, but the discussions quickly turned violent.

Customers say they won’t return to restaurant after ordeal


“The bouncer started pushing him, then it got worse. Before you know it, they were rolling on the floor,” she said.

“There was broken glass in the feet of so many girls. It was awful.”

Cam, 18, from Oldham had visited the restaurant last night with five friends for her boyfriend’s 18th birthday.

“It was the place we were most excited about,” she said.

“I think it was around 7:20 p.m. and someone opened a bottle of prosecco and everyone started clapping and having a good time.

“The bouncer came over and started arguing with this man. There were only about four men in the whole bar.

“I saw the bouncer throw a punch and then they started struggling.”

Cam said the men pushed into tables, knocking over and smashing champagne glasses.

“There were three tables in the middle and they just cleared them,” she added.

“The girls on that table were pushed towards us. Because the glass flew off the table, there were splinters in everyone’s legs and feet.”

The teenager said most of the customers were in shock after the scuffle, which appeared to last around 30 seconds.

The police are now investigating


“We tried to leave and they wouldn’t let us,” she said.

“They asked if we had paid and we said there was nothing to pay as our drinks were on the floor.

“A friend of mine started arguing with a bouncer and then a manager came over and said we could leave.

“It was scary. You don’t expect it in such a prestigious place. We were really shaken.

“100% won’t be going back. It’s not boujee at all.”

The new, all-pink venue inside Manchester Hall’s historic Memorial Room space opened for the first time on Monday (May 17).

It has an array of bar and dining spaces, including a champagne room dedicated to Laurent Perrier’s bubbly pink and a selfie room complete with Barbie and Ken boxes.

The restaurant is the latest open venue in the burgeoning Boujee empire, founded by Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lystra Adams and her silent business partners.

Lystra previously lived looking like Naomi Campbell


Instagram of Lystra Adams)

Ritchie Bagnall, Operations Manager of Boujee Restaurant and Bar, said: “We had a really disappointing incident in the restaurant last night which has since been shared online.

“Unfortunately, the incident happened after a guest was unwilling to follow Covid-19 guidelines, which are absolutely vital for the survival of hospitality at this time.

“We were busy, but following government guidelines, and unfortunately we had a client who wanted to dance and sing, and was not happy to be told no. It was incredibly stressful for our staff, who put their heart and soul into getting this right of opening and we are disappointed that they were subjected to such behavior.

“Following the incident, we went through what happened both on CCTV and by speaking to all staff who were on site.

“One of our door professionals, supplied by the independent team Compact Security, was put in a really difficult situation and we can clearly see that he did everything he could to defuse the very heated guest. This guest was asked to leave and peace was restored, but we are extremely saddened that this happened in our room.

“We strive to provide our customers with a fun, professional and safe environment at all times and we will do everything we can to ensure this never happens again.

“We want to emphasize to our guests that their safety is always paramount to us and we look forward to continuing to welcome them safely until the government relaxes the guidelines.”

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman confirmed the force had launched an investigation.

They said: “At around 7.44pm last night (Saturday May 22, 2021) the police were called to a report of a fight at a restaurant in Bridge Street in Manchester.

“The incident was over before the police arrived.

“No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing.

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