Chhattisgarh man creates music by swinging bamboo flutes, video goes viral


A man from Narayanpur, Chhattisgarh, named Maniram Mandawi is going viral on Twitter for all the right reasons. In a video tweeted by People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI), Maniram can be seen swinging a flute through the air to produce musical sounds.

Sharing the video, PARI captioned it as “Indigenous Peoples’ ingenuity.” The 42-year-old flute maker also shares his teacher’s story and why he started making swinging bamboo flutes.

The interesting musical instruments called “oscillating flutes” are made from bamboo and produce music when they are swayed in the air. Maniram learned the trade from his 80-year-old teacher, Mandar Singh Mandawi, when the former was only 15. Mandar had explained to Maniram how oscillating flutes were used to protect against wild animals in forests like lions, tigers and bears, as the sound of the flute could frighten them.

Viewed over 57,000 times, the Maniram video caught the attention of Indian Twitter users. Reacting to the video, one commentator called it “brilliant” while another said it was “amazing”.

A user named Amitabh said he bought around 50 oscillating flutes and used them for decoration.

Many were also curious about how they could buy one for themselves.

The flute maker sells the only musical instrument for Rs 50 per piece to craft organizations. However, according to a report by BET, customers buy the oscillating flute for Rs 300.

Almost 20 years ago, Maniram used to find bamboo for flutes near his workshop, but now he has to travel a minimum of 10 kilometers to fetch wood for the musical instrument.

Remembering ancient times, the 42-year-old flute maker said that previously the forest was dense and full of trees. He added that he used to see deer and rabbits around the workshop and sometimes nilgai too. The report mentions that Maniram had tears in his eyes as he spoke about the state of the forest today and said that if in the future their children asked them about the forest and the animals, they would not have of answers.

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