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A full new mod brings Lon Lon Ranch from Ocarina of Time to the beautiful world of Breath of the Wild.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Lon Lon Ranch

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is visually stunning with its smooth graphics and color scheme. Something to make the game even better arrived as a mod that allowed for an iconic Ocarina of time location to appear in the game 2017.

The module comes from YouTuber Waikuteru who posted a video that shows his recreation of Ocarina of time Lon Lon Ranch in the Breath of the wild countryside. The modder’s video shows the serene ranch sitting in an empty part of Hyrule Field which features the iconic music, a few Cuccos, and of course, Epona. The perfectly designed ranch allowed players to recreate the moment in OdT when Link can get to know his trusty steed and take him on his adventure.

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Lon Lon Ranch also appears in the Game Boy Advance game The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and now fans got to see his existence with a Breath of the wild makeover. Waikuteru received a lot of praise for the custom work done in creating the mod as well as some of the additional dialogue regarding Epona. YouTube users asked the modder if there would be any more details to add to the interior of the ranch, but most viewers only wanted to see Link and Epona jump the fence.

Waikuteru showcased the game’s creations on Youtube during the lockdown period and is receiving well-deserved attention within the Zelda community. The previous mod from the creator showed the addition of the Sandship dungeon from Skyward sword added to Breath of the wild which was placed in the Gerudo desert. While mods are generally frowned upon by publishers, especially Nintendo, Waikuteru’s mods are undeniably magical to see classic Zelda creations appear in the franchise’s latest installment.

Breath of the wild is an addicting game to endlessly explore and participate in some classics Zelda game. This is an episode of the series that celebrates the games of its past but also welcomes new players to the nostalgic world of Hyrule. Located at the end of the series timeline, BotW has been dubbed a masterpiece and a sequel is now in development after being announced in 2019 at E3.

The marriage between these beloved places from past games and Breath of the wild the visual style gives them a modern touch. Fans, who frequently revisit previous games in the series, can now see many of these places travel through the generations thanks to modders like Waikuteru.

Source: Waikuteru / YouTube

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