BOTW’s Temple of Time compared to Ocarina of Time


The Temple of Time apparently survived the eons between Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild, but the two buildings are not the same.

THE Legend of Zelda has a reputation for releasing widely celebrated games, and Breath of the wild and Ocarina of time are among the most acclaimed. Released almost 20 years apart, the two are very different games, even though both tell the story of Link trying to overcome the destruction caused by Ganon. In the Zelda timeline, the two games take place centuries, if not millennia, far apart. Breath of the wild is the most recent chronologically, with Ocarina of time taking place at some point in Hyrule’s apocryphal past, and the actions of the Time Hero are nothing more than a legend in the days of Calamity.

Although eons have passed since the events of Ocarina, the Temple of Time where Link drew the Mistress of the Sword still stands BOTW – or at least a run down and crumbling version of it. Draw parallels between Zelda games is often difficult because Hyrule is never the same, and the official obtuse timeline of Zelda games doesn’t really explain anything beyond a loose chronological order. OcarinaThe Temple of Time is located near the market town of Hyrule Castle, dominated by Death Mountain. Neither are very close to the Temple of Time in BOTW, which is located at the top of the Grand Plateau.

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Strangely enough, the positions of the Temples of Time in relation to other landmarks are not that different. Both temples are almost directly south of Hyrule Castle and southwest of Death Mountain. Even the directions to Lake Hylia, Kakariko Village, Zora Estate and Gerudo Valley and Desert are almost the same. Yes OcarinaThe Temple of Time was instead where Lon Lon Ranch is located, Breath of the wild‘s Hyrule would be almost a larger version of Ocarina‘s.

Inside Ocarina of Time and BOTW’s Time Temples

Zelda Inside BOTW and Ocarina Temple of Time

Although the two temples share a common aesthetic, their interiors are quite different. The Temple of Time at Ocarina of time is more important for gameplay than that of BOTW‘s, and the interior design reflects that. The first of the two large rooms, the antechamber in Ocarina contains the Door of Time, and the altar on which the three Spiritual Stones are placed. Behind the Gate of Time is the Master Sword Pedestal, which is also a gate to the Holy Realm where the Triforce is kept.

The Temple of Time at Breath of the wild does not seem to have such importance. Far from Hyrule Castle and no longer from the site where the Master Sword is located, it appears to be a place of worship at the top of the Grand Plateau. BOTWThe Temple of Time contains only one large room. A grand staircase leads to a massive statue of the goddess Hylia. It is in the steeple that the last king of Hyrule recounts the desolation of Link of Calamity Ganon, but there is little reason to return to Breath of the wildof the Temple of Time, unlike Ocarina of time, where location is central throughout the game.

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