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Phoenix is ​​a city that requires reliable transportation. Whether it’s a car, bus and / or light rail, there is no way to live here without traveling for work, school, pleasure, etc. It’s not that bad, as a stretch of road like Roosevelt Street Avenue and Seventh Street has a collection of beautiful murals that can easily be seen while cruising at 20 miles per hour. These pieces are a snapshot of Phoenix culture as a whole, with a special emphasis on Latin culture, as well as a chance to further celebrate the city’s talented artists. Over the years, there have been a few highlights, such as author and activist James Baldwin’s portrait of Antoinette Cauley on the Ten-O-One office building on Central Avenue, or the collaborative cityscape all around. gorgeous done by Lalo Cota and other artists at 128 East Roosevelt Street. . Each one emphasizes something unique, but collectively they are a testament to our city’s interest in great art as well as the role that plays in shaping our common identity as a bright and shining city. The next time you’re driving through Roosevelt, take the time to stop and enjoy the art – it’s your city that smiles at you amid the traffic jams and crowded air.

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