Apple unveiled an all-new, all-important musical instrument emoji


July 17, 2019, 20:00

Image: Apple / Emojipedia

A new musical instrument emoji is coming to your iPhone this fall, thanks to Apple’s diverse new selection.

Apple is adding a banjo to its emoji keyboard, the tech company announced on World Emoji Day.

The banjo joins the violin, piano keys, trumpet, saxophone, electric guitar, and drums in Apple’s increasingly diverse musical instrument keyboard.

New Apple emojis include a banjo

New Apple emojis include a banjo.

Image: Apple

It will roll out this fall alongside a selection of new designs including a sloth, garlic clove and waffle.

Users who enjoy ‘holding hands’ emoji will now also be able to select any combination of gender and skin tone. And that’s fine – hats off to Apple.

New emojis include a sloth and new

New emojis include a sloth and new “hold hands” combinations.

Image: Apple

But are they really doing enough to represent musicians?

Where is the flute, for example? And the clarinet, the trombone and the cello? There should also really be an acoustic guitar. And a lute, for that matter. # baroquerepresent

In the hopes that Apple sees this post and makes our wishes come true, here is our reasonable list of requests to add to the music section:

– Trombone
– Flute
– Clarinet
– Trombone
– cello
– Grand piano
– French horn
– Lute
– Harp
– Bassoon
– Organ



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