Alfred and the Ocarina | New

Eli Alfred, a senior at LSU, spends time between classes playing the ocarina in the quad.

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On their way to morning classes, students may hear Star Wars or Jurassic Park themed songs playing in the background.

LSU senior Eli Alfred spends his time between classes playing a wind instrument called the ocarina.

Alfred’s ocarina is a replica of the one used in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He had his ocarina custom made with extra holes so he could play more songs.

He started playing the ocarina his freshman year of college in free speech aisle. He recently started taking tips while gambling.

Alfred has been homeschooled all his life, so he started acting in hopes of making friends and connecting with people. His music has become a great icebreaker.

After receiving many positive comments, Alfred felt that he could be a great inspiration to people. Frequent visitors began to recognize its improvement.

Even in the heat, Alfred perseveres, hoping to brighten someone’s day. While Alfred sings, the students do their homework or just hang around him.

Alfred also writes books, sings and will act in projects for people who request it.

He encourages the students to come and say “hello”. He doesn’t mind being interrupted during a song, he performs for the students and enjoys seeing his music have a positive impact on their day.

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