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The Lost Woods is a vital part of the The Legend of Zelda series, appearing in several Zelda Games. In Ocarina of time, The Lost Woods has several secret caves and mini-games spread around that players can miss. These are beneficial to Link’s progress. There are also shortcuts to other parts of Hyrule, which help players travel much faster.

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The main reason players enter The Lost Woods is to access the Sacred Forest Meadow, which is home to the Great Forest Temple. However, that’s not all this mysterious forest has to offer. In this guide, players will not only learn how to navigate The Lost Woods without getting lost, but they will also discover all that this seemingly average forest hides.

The skull child

Upon entering The Lost Woods, turn left to meet the Skull Kid. Some may think that this guy looks a lot like Link’s future enemy. Well, unfortunately that is correct. It’s the same punk from Majora’s Mask, but he feels less bitter today.

Just stand on the tree stump and play her Saria’s song to receive a heart piece, then head left to access the exit bridge area. Here’s a Deku Scrub that can sell Link a useful Deku Stick upgrade. Accept his offer, then return to the woods using the ladder.

First Upgrade: Mojo Balls

Turn right into the next room to see a target. After hitting the target three times, a Scrub will kindly give you an upgraded Deku Bullet bag. Yes, it’s true! Free stuff! In this case, a target is when players get a score of 100 three times in a row. After that, players can still target training for fun, but without reward.

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Don’t leave this room just yet. Go down the ladder to find two skull children with instruments. They will ask Link to play music with them. The trick is to win this memory game by repeating their notes. When finished, Link receives another piece of heart. Make sure you end the song completely, however. Otherwise, rubies are the only reward. Fortunately, it’s possible to try and try again, so don’t give up hope if it’s not an instant success.


Be careful here. If Link goes to the right, he will be sent back to the entrance. Going left, you reach a room with a stone arched entrance next to two regular entrances. The Stone Arch path leads Link to Goron Town. It’s a nice little shortcut for those who are nearby and don’t want to climb Death Mountain.

Going left will reset Link again, but going right from here leads to a shortcut to the Zora River. It comes out right next to the entrance to Zora’s estate, again, saving players a lot of travel time. This shortcut can be accessed by swimming in the pond and exiting through the tunnel.

The Forest Scene Game (Upgrades)

Leaving the room with the Zora River shortcut, progress to the left. Here there are two options: left and front. Going left will lead to a room with two Deku Scrub basques. They will want to sell Link Deku Nuts and a Deku Stick. Unless the player is desperate, it is best to ignore them and go to the cave.

Look for butterflies above the lawn to find a secret cave. This hidden hole leads to the Forest Stage Game, which features two upgrades. First, use the Mask of Truth to wake up little Dekus and insult yourself. Their boss will say that Link is ugly, but there is always an advantage. Players will receive a Deku Nut upgrade.

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Then come back with the Skull Mask to get a Deku Stick upgrade. This time, the little creatures flock to Link like he’s a magnet, and their leader claims that Link looks like their secret forest totem. Soft! It’s better for self-esteem. Keep in mind that waiting too long to play this game will result in lost upgrades. Instead of upgrades, Scrubs will simply give Link rubies.

More supplies

After exiting the Forest Stage Game, go forward, then go left. This is the last room. Explode the rock to reach another hidden cave. This one has more Deku Scrubs trying to capitalize on death. One wants to sell Link’s nuts and the other seeds. It would make more sense to give these items away when trading for life, rather than trying to make a profit, but these Money Bags Scrubs are desperate.

Get out of the cave. Now go right to finally reach the meadow of the sacred forest. This area leads to Child Saria and the Forest Temple as an adult. It is the final main destination of The Lost Woods.

The meadow of the sacred forest

The wolves wait here on entering. Defeat these angry dogs to open the forest meadow maze door. Maneuver past the Deku Scrubs and find Saria. After this cutscene, it is important to visit the fairy fountain that is hidden in the middle of the labyrinth. After going back down the stairs, go up the ladder and look for a cave. What is a Zelda game without fairy fountain or seven?

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It’s a great place to stock up on fairies, especially when Link has obtained multiple bottles. These fairies will bring Link back to life when he meets his seemingly final match. It’s a great idea to visit these fountains before attempting temple and boss battles.

Secret cave

There is also a really cool secret room in a cave located in the meadow of the sacred forest. At the entrance, place a bomb in the middle of the area. Do this until a hole appears. Enter this cave, fight Wolfos, and in return, a treasure chest will appear. This contains a purple ruby, which is worth fifty rubies. Attractive! Overall, The Lost Woods is full of secrets and upgrades. There is a lot more here than it looks.

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