10 Ways Ocarina Of Time Is Still The Best Zelda Game

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most famous and beloved series in the video game industry. While each Zelda game that comes out feels like an event, and it’s very rare that one of them is bad, there’s one Zelda game that gamers will consistently name as their favorite in the series.

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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timeoriginally released for the N64, is the first 3D Zelda Game. This not only paved the way for the evolution of the series, but remains today one of the best, if not the best, in the entire franchise.

ten He introduced Epona to the players

Link’s loyal steed, Epona, named after the Gallo-Roman god who protected horses, has become as closely associated with the character as his signature green clothes. However, Epona was not featured until Link’s first 3D release in Ocarina of time.

Although Epona was introduced to help players get through Ocarinamore quickly and easily, she became a fan-favorite character and was featured in many subsequent episodes of the series.

In his heart, Ocarina of time is a puzzle game. What makes it so interesting is that it forces players to think creatively about how to solve the problems presented by the game. It accomplishes this through a unique feature rarely seen in Zelda games: time travel.

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Players experience Hyrule in two separate time periods in Ocarina of time. Some differences are clear, such as Zora’s domain being frozen in the future. However, other more subtle elements, such as a village well having water at one time and none at another, actually serve as vital clues to solving some of the game’s puzzles. Ocarina‘s baffles some of the show’s most memorable.

8 The soundtrack is iconic

Ocarina of timeThe titular musical instrument is an important tool for Link, allowing him to access certain areas, teleport across the map, and summon his horse. While this gameplay mechanic might have felt fancy in the wrong hands, Koji Kondo’s beautifully composed music makes the ocarina songs one of the game’s best elements.

The songs are so memorable that returning players will likely still remember how to play each of the songs on the ocarina before relearning them in-game. Ocarina of timeother Zelda games have included similar mechanics, with the ocarina returning in Majora’s Maskand a similar mechanism used in Wind Waker. However, none seem to be as memorable as the songs of Ocarina.

seven Zelda takes a more active role

It’s no secret that female characters have had a rocky history in video games. Even one of the most famous women, Samus Aran, had the fact that she was a woman treated as a surprise revealed to the public. Ocarina of time managed to take a few steps in the right direction with her incarnation of Zelda, allowing her to take a more active role in the story.

In Ocarina of time, Zelda plays a key role in Link’s quest. She is the one who first suspects Ganondorf of having bad intentions, and throughout the game she helps Link either as herself or in the guise of Sheik. In the game’s final dungeon, Zelda uses her magic to help Link escape the collapsing castle. Although the game still portrays Zelda somewhat as a damsel in distress, it has taken significant steps to correct this tendency.

6 Catching the Hylian Loach gave players bragging rights

So that players can easily play through Zelda games without interacting with side content, these optional mini-games often add life to Hyrule and give players additional challenges to overcome. Ocarina of time has perhaps the most memorable fishing mini-game of all Zelda games thanks to the inclusion of the Hylian Loach.

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The ultimate achievement for players was catching the biggest fish in the game, the Hylian Loach. Only appearing in special circumstances, and ignoring the fishing lure most of the time, the Loach is difficult to catch. The bragging rights of catching the Loach stays with the players long after the match is over.

5 Dungeons are varied and creative

Like most The Legend of Zelda Games, Ocarina of time features a series of dungeons for players to work their way through. A major element that defines Ocarina apart from others Zelda games is how each dungeon feels unique compared to the others in the game.

In games with lots of dungeons, it’s easy for them to start and get mixed up. For example, many dungeons in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the Super NES mix, full of very similar corridors. Ocarina of time, on the other hand, offers players a wide range of unique environments like the thrilling interior of a giant fish or the terrifying pit of horrors inside the well of Kakariko Village.

4 The open world is neither too big nor too empty

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was a great achievement in terms of breaking with a formula and gameplay. Much of its open world, however, involves traversing empty fields, and the thought of revisiting this game when finished is daunting. Ocarina of time, on the other hand, finds the right balance between the size of the map and the density of remarkable places.

Players rarely find themselves traversing long stretches of nothing in Ocarina of time. Instead, locations are spaced out appropriately to give players a sense of adventure without making it a dull job. There are also many hidden secrets scattered throughout the more sparse areas of the map, making exploration more interesting than tedious.

3 The characters are all memorable

Ocarina of time was not only a step forward for the series in terms of gameplay and presentation, but also in terms of storytelling. Each major dungeon in the game is tied to the story of an NPC that players will get to know throughout the game, making them personally invested in defeating the boss for more than just advancing the game.

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Apart from the main characters, there are also many memorable minor characters in Ocarina of time. Some of the more memorable supporting characters are the sporadic seller of Happy Mask and the chicken farmer allergic to his own chickens. OcarinaNPC’s seemed to be more closely tied to world events, with maybe only Majora’s Mask providing more depth to the series’ secondary characters.

2 Biggoron’s Sword was the best reward for side quests

The Legend of Zelda The series contains some pretty disappointing side quests. Players will likely have had a hard time receiving anything more than a fraction of an extra heart container. In contrast, Ocarina of time gave players the ultimate reward for going through a series of seemingly unrelated side quests.

Other than an empty inventory slot, there is no clear indication in Ocarina that players can receive a third sword. However, players who diligently completed side quests would eventually receive a broken sword that they could have repaired after just a few more quests. Although it takes a lot of work to get it, Biggoron’s sword is worth it. Nothing is more satisfying than having Ganon toss the master sword aside, then pull out Biggoron’s enormous sword which takes him down in a few swings.

1 Most items perform important functions

The most modern Zelda games tend to follow a formula where players will collect a series of items that will help them advance the game. Ocarina of timeThe version of this formula that seems a little less obvious is that the items you get are actually useful in multiple circumstances.

A lot of Zelda objects only have a specific purpose that helps you advance in a dungeon, such as the vacuum cleaner of skyward sword. This essentially makes the item a glorified key that you probably won’t use after this dungeon. In contrast, OcarinaItems all serve useful purposes throughout the game in combat or exploration.

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