10 things you didn’t know about the Forest Temple

After pulling the legendary Master Sword from its pedestal and taking the longest nap in history, Sheik informs Link that his next destination should be his childhood home, Kokiri Forest. Do you remember that mysterious entrance to the sacred forest? Well, put on your big boy boots because it’s time to explore the dungeons.

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This is the fourth dungeon of Ocarina of time and is the first to bring back the traditional dungeon formula we all know and love with keys and locks, memorable music, and challenging puzzles. Here are ten interesting facts you might not have known Ocarina of timeForest temple.

ten A mansion lost in time

Instead of a dark cavern filled to the brim with monsters or a temple haunted by the ghosts of Hyrule’s war-torn past, the Forest Temple feels very distinct compared to the others. The carefully designed hallways and paintings seen in this “temple” are definitely reminiscent of some sort of mansion.

The Forest Temple also lacks any kind of temple-like features that other dungeons have, such as statues or symbolism representing gods or sages, so it is generally believed that the Forest Temple is actually a mansion that was turned into a temple to worship the Sage of the Forest.


9 Musical origins

The eerie but magical air of the Forest Temple has captivated many players around the world, but this global aspect runs deeper than one might think. When creating this piece of music, Zelda Series composer Koji Kondo used an excerpt from Zero-G’s “Ethic Flavors” sound and music collection.

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“African 098-B” is the specific track that is sampled to create this dungeon theme, and it’s not the first time Nintendo has pulled from this collection. Another example would be in Majora’s Mask‘s Woodfall Temple, where “African 13 111-A” is used to create its spooky and exotic melody.

8 Medallion Bombos?

Ocarina of time is not the first Zelda game to present magic medallions to collect, like A link to the past had the Ether, Bombos, and Quake medallions. Although Ether and Quake do not seem to have a reference in later games, the Bombos Medallion bears a striking resemblance to the Forest Medallion.

It’s unclear if this was an intentional design choice or not, but the nearly identical look of these two medallions is enough to raise a few eyebrows.

7 horrible voices

Music and sound creators in video games are often very creative and use unorthodox methods to achieve the results they desire, and this can be seen with the ghost voices in the Forest Temple.

The smirks of these ghosts are actually just Ganondorf’s heavily sped up laughter, creating a much higher pitched voice. This is a technique quite often used to save time when creating an entirely new voice clip. This is also done in Super Mario 64where Boo’s noises are a sped up version of Bowser’s voice.

6 Design change

In Ocarina of timeof the transition to the 3DS in 2011, Nintendo was keen to retain as many aspects of the game as possible, as they were aware of how important the game was to many people.

Although most of the game is the same, there has been a strange and unexplained design change when it comes to the forest medallion. The original game shows the medallion having four fans, while the online version 3D only have three.

5 Jump the whole temple

Don’t feel like doing most of the forest temple? Good, 3D Ocarina of Time has what you need. There’s a glitch in the central room that allows you to clip out of bounds and drop right into the boss room’s loading area.

The setup is a bit tricky, requiring Link to stand in the corner of the railing shown above and Hookshot the wall, backflip across the railing and swing the sword to cross the wall and fall into the boss room. You won’t get the Fairy Bow if you choose to do so, but Phantom Ganon can still be defeated using the Hookshot instead.

4 Puzzle? Nope.

This creative puzzle was meant to have players discover that shooting an arrow through a flame gives it a fire property, which would then melt the ice surrounding the eye switch. But that’s not the only way to complete this puzzle.

Simply jumping onto the ledge below the switch and throwing Din’s Fire will also melt the ice, foregoing any kind of puzzle the developers wanted the player to solve.

3 Were the medallions usable?

File written by Adobe Photoshop? 4.0

It looks like the Fairy Bow wasn’t the only usable item that was going to drop in the Forest Temple, as this beta screenshot from the game suggests that they were going to be able to be equipped in some way. other, as seen with the forest medallion. (or Wind Medallion at the time) in one of the item slots.

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There’s a lot of beta footage like this with tons of minor changes to the final game. Besides the medallion, we can see the sword set to an item slot, Navi set to the B button, there are bombs set to the A button, and there is a smaller magic bar. Link’s whereabouts are unknown, but it could be one of the earliest areas around the Forest Temple.

2 The Ghost’s namesake

The four Poes found in the Forest Temple are much more detailed than the normal Poes you can find in places like Kakariko Graveyard, and they actually each have unique names.

The Red Poe’s name is Joelle, the green’s name is Amy, the blue’s name is Beth, and the purple’s name is Meg. However, these aren’t just random names, as they are each named after one of the main characters from the 19th century novel, Little Women.

1 A remnant of Mario

If Phantom Ganon’s paint magic feels familiar to the N64, it’s probably because of how Super Mario 64 has rooted the use of paints in our minds. But, it’s more than just a surface-level reference, like Ocarina of time was built using mario 64engine.

While the engine was eventually modified to the point of being an entirely different one, this use of paints during the Phantom Ganon boss, as well as having the Poe Sisters inhabit them, likely stems from Super Mario 64.

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