10 funny Ocarina Of Time memes


What is the best entry in this series? Many think it is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and this line of thinking is difficult to argue. With so many classic franchises trying 3D and failing at that point, Nintendo was succeeding.

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They set the model on how other businesses should do it. First with Super Mario 64 and second with this game. Of course, there are also some things that don’t make sense in the game. That doesn’t mean that the game is less fun, but these memes will surely ring true for those who don’t. remember so fondly.

Mask to hide

All is well there in the meme. Ocarina of time is connected to the movie, The mask, thanks to the Happy Mask Salesman. Putting on a mask is scarier Majora’s Mask sure, and shares that vibe of the movie more, but the joke works for this classic N64 as well. There is something wrong with the seller.

my friend

Changing Link’s name to a plethora of titles can make any entry into this franchise more enjoyable. Calling it something as simple as Zelda might even be funny. Using My Dude as the title is just perfect, as this meme points out. What a cool game this turned out to be. It’s more like The Legend of the Grand Lebowski now.

The Legend of Mozart

Something that never made sense in these games is Link’s sudden ability to become a musician. He learns a few notes, plays them, then jams as if that was never enough to make the music he was playing.

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Of course, he is a chosen one, so one could deduce that his genes just have a latent capacity. Still, it’s a bit infuriating and in turn hard to believe.


What kind of name is Ganondorf anyway? It’s just Ganon with “dorf” nailed at the end. Did Nintendo think he was cheating people with that complexion and name? With a name like that, of course, he turned out to be a villain. That and all the leather he’s wearing must have irritated his skin like crazy. This outfit doesn’t seem to breathe. This cool Link meme is spot on.

Super Scott!

Here we end this meme with Doc Brown exclaiming his famous line. Back to the future did not invent time travel as a media concept, but it has certainly become the benchmark of pop culture. That’s why it works for this meme. If only Link could time travel via a Dalorian. Hey Nintendo, it’s never too late for an ’80s reboot.

Pot Smash Simulator ’98

It might be a short game, but having a spinoff starring Link breaking pots in some storylines looks appealing because this fake box art meme is joking around. It’s always been fun in these games to do this, but Ocarina of time made the concept more attractive thanks to the sound design. Hearing a potty break was so satisfying as a kid. It might not make sense to see how they reappear over and over again, but that’s okay.

Running with Cucco

This meme is a parody of the Garfunkel & Oates song, “Running with Chicken”. This song itself is a reference to a scene from Precious in which the main character runs with a bucket of chicken. Speaking of which, what does Cucco taste like? No one can know that in this world because as players know, attacking one will bring dozens of them to defend it. Killing and cooking one seems impossible. For those who haven’t heard the song, it still holds.

Time growth

It has been bothering players for years now. First of all, time travel itself, while iconic, is a tough pill to swallow. Second, how does Link’s tunic grow with him? Well, besides that thought, where does he get those white tights from? You could easily say that magic made clothes grow with Link but tights are more of a mystery.

Not for everybody

Ocarina of time was designed for everyone, hence the rating. There’s no swearing or gore, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a complete horror show.

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There are things in this game that would make Tim Burton blush like the zombies in ReDead. What was it like for the kids?

ReDead Redemption

Speaking of ReDeads, how hasn’t anyone made this joke before? Of course, there should be a game featuring one called ReDead Redemption. It’s too good a joke not to use. And yes, unwakening isn’t a word, but it works for this meme as it plays with Link’s Awakening. A revival is then most likely a joke about death and revenge. Rockstar and Nintendo used to be tight because they got exclusives. Now is the time to rekindle the relationship. Do it for the fans.

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