10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Water Temple From Ocarina Of Time

Love it or hate it, the Water Temple is definitely a contender for the most infamous Zelda dungeon of all time. As the sixth dungeon of Ocarina of time, it offers quite a challenge to gamers while listening to its memorable ambient music and enjoying its unique atmosphere.

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For a series as dense as Zelda, there is still a considerable amount of dungeon information that is left out in the game itself, and players will have to dig a little deeper to uncover its secrets. Here are 10 facts you might not know Ocarina of timeWater Temple.

ten One of Aonuma’s favorites

Series director Eiji Aonuma was tasked with planning and designing many Zeldadungeons in multiple titles, including Ocarina of time. Of all the dungeons in the franchise, however, he considers the Water Temple one of his absolute favorites.

If not for his love of scuba diving, which inspired him to create a temple with diving mechanics built into his puzzles, the creative puzzles and captivating ambiance have surely stayed with him over the years. year.


9 Quality of life changes

When the classic N64 was remastered for the Nintendo 3DS 13 years after its initial release, Nintendo and Grezzo made sure to tweak the parts of the game that hadn’t aged very well.

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Besides the inclusion of virtual item buttons and gyroscope controls, many of these changes actually stem from the poor reception of the Water Temple, as the 3DS version now allows Iron Boots to be equipped as normal objects, and it also color codes certain areas. of the dungeon to facilitate navigation.

Ocarina of timeis harder, remixed version, main quest, changes the layout of each dungeon to provide a new experience for those who have completed the base game. The water temple has also been modified, but the developers have neglected a certain aspect of it.

It’s actually possible to complete the dungeon with a small extra key that will never be used, as a locked door will open after an enemy encounter, making it one of the few extra keys throughout. Zelda dungeons.

seven Difficult development

Discussing the frequent criticisms that have been encountered with this dungeon over the past two decades, Eiji Aonuma said that “water levels like the Water Temple were a difficult thing for The Legend of Zelda designers to overcome”

It’s no secret that the dungeons of the Zelda The series can be an extremely complex maze full of puzzles and layout-switching mechanics, and it seems like water-based dungeons are always on the harder side of development.

Dark Link is probably one of the most memorable mini-boss fights of all, if not the most memorable. Zelda, appearing as the mini-boss of the Water Temple. It’s unlike any other fight in the game, and it’s certainly the most mechanically unique mini-boss.

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After passing the singular dead tree in the water, which many players allude to as the now-dead Great Deku Tree, Link’s shadow will actually disappear from the ground, proving that it is the physical manifestation of his shadow. It will mirror most player actions, including Link’s idle and tired animations.

5 Quick Running Tips

As a game over 20 years old and released in the most primitive era of 3D games, Ocarina of time can be broken in different ways. Each dungeon in the game has certain jumps or points where the player can access the items earlier including the water temple.

As in most dungeons, the player can reach the boss door without the special dungeon item, receive said item early, walk through the boss door without getting the key, use out-of-bounds water to float to areas higher or open doors with no floor below them using the Hover Boots.

4 Differences Between Main Quests

Ocarina of timeit is main quest dungeons usually feature additional enemies, different puzzle mechanics, and a completely remixed room layout to give as much new experience as possible without creating entirely new dungeons.

The Water Temple goes against its “water” theme and includes quite a few fire-based puzzles with Din’s Fire. While there are no Iron Knuckles like there were in the Fire Temple, plenty of Stalfos, Lizalfos, and Dodongos are included to spice up the otherwise minimal combat present in the original dungeon.

3 Connection to the lake bed

The official Zelda the timeline may haunt many gamers for the rest of their lives due to its unnecessary complexity, but at least its ties to games like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are relatively simple, because they are close to Ocarina of time on the timeline and were always meant to have some connection to it.

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Twilight Princess is much more blatant in its nods to Ocarina, as seen with the first three dungeons having the exact same theme with forest, mountain, and water. Instead of Jabu Jabu’s belly, however, the Lakebed Temple bears a striking resemblance to the Water Temple in both layout, puzzles, and appearance, making it likely to be is in the same place, and they are also both under Lake Hylia.

2 Design regrets

Developing such a great series over several decades will obviously lead to regrets regarding design choices, as the game changes drastically over generations and developers gain more experience and feedback.

Eiji Aonuma said in an interview that receiving the Water Temple hit him pretty hard, to the point of being one of the main reasons he wanted to recreate Ocarina of time on the 3DS and alleviate issues players are having with the dungeon.

1 A humorous reference

In 2017, real life Zelda– a themed escape room, Defenders of the Triforce was available for Zelda fans to find out. It was designed to give fans a similar experience in solving puzzles and finding items in real games.

In one of the areas featured in the event, a sign has been placed reading “Easier than the Water Temple!”, which is an obvious reference to the temple’s notoriety among many players who have it. found extremely difficult.

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